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Hair Cutting

A lot of manufacturers who specialise in hair cutting equipment choose to package and sell their hair cutting tools in sets. Why? Aside from making shopping more convenient for consumers, selling hair cutting tools in sets also allow manufacturers to effectively sell specific equipment that do not rake in much sales when sold separately. An example of this are comb attachments for hair clippers and other hair cutting peripherals.

Hair cutting sets being sold in salons, barbershops and general electronic stores are marketed for people who own parlors and barbershops, as well as for those who prefer cutting their own hair. Below is a list of the tools commonly included in hair cutting sets:

Hair cutting tools and equipment

* Hair clippers. Hair clippers are considered as one of the hair cutting must-haves. Hair clippers are widely used in barbershops to give really short haircuts such as the flat top, buss cut, crew cut, etc. These hair cutting tools can also be altered by using comb attachments, which help set the length of hair to be cut. Using these attachments, hair clippers can also be adjusted in a way that consumers can also use them to cut ear and nose hair.

* Hair cutting scissors or barbers scissors. While hair clippers are effective and convenient hair cutting tools, a lot of barbers and hair stylists still use scissors in giving haircuts. This is because hair cutting scissors can be used on more hairstyles, as compared to hair clippers. Hair cutting scissors also provide the precision that hair clippers lack because scissors can be used on really small portions of hair.

Other items often included in hair cutting sets are comb attachments, extra hair clipper blades and lubricating oil for the blades. Most hair cutting tools and equipment are used along with other hair cutting and hairstyling products to maximise the effect.

Other products used in hair cutting

Brushes and capes are also commonly used products in hair cutting, which are used to keep the annoying bits of hair from sticking to the skin and clothes. It's a standard hair cutting procedure in barbershops to cover the clients' necks and make them wear a cape prior to a haircut to avoid itching and irritation commonly caused by stray bits of hair. It's also a common practice in some countries to apply powder on the clients' neck to make it easier to brush off the stray bits of hair.

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